I understand this is an important and potentially life-changing decision. Any questions I can answer or in any way support you in this decision, I am here for you. My goal and promise is to make this the best possible experience.

Karen M Sterling

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Client Testimonial
“I have been wanting to do this for years and finally had the opportunity and couldn’t be more happy. Instant confidence boost.”

-Cory J

Client Testimonial
“Karen has been great! I've had 2 sessions and because of my severe hair loss will likely have 2 more but I can already tell a huge difference! I'm expecting the final outcome to be life changing. No more wearing hats to hide my baldness and no more products to cover it up! I highly recommend Karen and SMP!”

-Janis K.

Client Testimonial
"Karen is extraordinarily gentle and her work is solid. I love the work she's done on me "

-Emily B